Tournament Information & Schedule

We are just over 1 week away from the 3rd annual WYSA 3v3 Tournament! I hope you and your players are all getting excited. Below is all the information you will need on the day of the event. The tournament schedule has now been posted and can be found under the Schedules tab above!


Team Check-In/Team Packages

You will be required to check in at the WYSA info tent prior to your first match to pick up your team package. This package has a lot of important things, including your game sheets and Player of the Game certificates!

You will have game sheets for the games you are listed as the home team. If you only have one home game, you will only have one game sheet, and if you have two home games you will have two game sheets.

At the end of the match you will decide which player from the opposite team will receive the Player of the Game certificate for that match, and the opposing coach will do the same for your team. You will have enough certificates for all your round robin matches, and we will provide more for those teams who move on to semi-finals and finals.


ID Cards

For this tournament, we do not require players to have ID cards, but at least 1 team official from each team must have their green coach ID card with them – NO EXCEPTIONS.


Water Station

We will have a water station located at the WYSA info tent for players to fill their water bottles.


Team Roster

You will have a copy of the roster you have submitted for the 3v3 Tournament in your team package. This is your official tournament roster and should be with you at all your matches.



The soccer fields are located behind the conservatory building in Assiniboine Park. The closest entry point into the park is the entrance at Shaftesbury Blvd & Corydon Ave. The closest parking lot is the parking lot for the Conservatory, and there is also a small parking lot immediately to your right, before you reach the Conservatory. Alternatively, you are permitted to use the zoo parking lot just a short walk away. I have attached a map to this email that should help orientate you to the park.


Medal Presentations

Upon the conclusion of each final, both teams must make their way to the WYSA tent to receive their medals.


2017 Tournament Registration Now Closed

Thank you to everyone for your interest in the 2017 WYSA 3v3 Tournament! We have now closed registration as we have reached our capacity. We will be going through and finalizing our divisions to begin creating the tournament schedule. The schedule will be released by the end of the day on Friday August 18th.

If you have any questions please contact Christine at events@winnipegyouthsoccer.com


3v3 Registration Update - August 2nd 2017

Thank you to everyone who has registered their team so far, we have over 80 teams currently registered into this year's event!

We are looking for more teams to fill out some divisions with only one or two teams currently registered. Those divisions are:

U10 Recreational Boys

U14 Recreational Girls

U14 Competitive Boys

U16 Recreational Girls

U18 Recreational Girls

If you fall into any of the above categories, get your friends together and enter a team! Reminder that all players need to be registered on a team in the 2017 outdoor season and you must also have one team official who is registered for the 2017 outdoor season.

This event is open to any player who is registered in the 2017 outdoor season, including out-of-province teams!

Please click the registration button on the top right corner of the screen to register now!


Registration Information

Please join us for a fun filled 3v3 Tournament weekend at Assiniboine Park on Saturday August 26, 2017!


  • U9 - U12 Boys and Girls Recreational and Developmental Teams
  • U13 - U18 Boys and Girls Recreational and Premier Teams

You must be a registered player in the 2017 Outdoor Season to be eligible to play in this tournament.

Any team who has a player that played WYSA Developmental or Premier, during the 2017 Outdoor Season, must enter their team in the Competitive division.


  • U18 Players born on or after January 01, 1999
  • U16 Players born on or after January 01, 2001
  • U14 Players born on or after January 01, 2003
  • U12 Players born on or after January 01, 2005
  • U10 Players born on or after January 01, 2007

PLEASE NOTE: If you are a U9, U11, U13, U15 or U17 player you are still eligible to play for this tournament, you will just register in one age division higher (i.e. U9 and U10 play in the U10 division, U11 and U12 play in the U12 division, etc).

Click here to view the rest of the Rules and Regulations.

Entry Deadline: Thusday, August 10, 2017 (absolutely no refunds after this date)

The registration fee is $120.00 per team and will be accepted on a first come basis and will close when tournament brackets are full.

Registration is limited to 100 total teams and/or 8 teams per division. A team is not considered registered until payment is received by WYSA.

Teams are guaranteed to play 3 games unless extenuating circumstances arise (i.e. weather). If necessary, WYSA reserves the right to combine age groups. 

Please read the complete set of Rules and Regulations of the Tournament before registering your team


- Any team who has a player that played WYSA Developmental or Premier, during the 2017 Outdoor Season, must enter their team in the Competitive division.

-You must fill out the roster AT THE TIME OF REGISTRATION to complete your registration. Any roster changes/additions after registration can be emailed to events@winnipegyouthsoccer.com

- All teams must have at least one team official who is registered for the 2017 outdoor season, NO EXCEPTIONS.


2017 3v3 Tournament

The 3rd annual WYSA 3v3 Tournament will take place on Saturday August 26th at Assiniboine Park. Registration will begin online on Tuesday July 4th at 12PM and the team fee is $120. Registration is on a first come, first serve basis. Your registration is not considered complete until payment is received by WYSA.

We are proud to announce that we will again be a qualifying tournament for the 3v3 Challenge Sports Nationals, which happens every July in Disney World! To qualify for Nationals you must place top 4 in your division. If you qualify at our event this year, you will be eligible to compete at the 3v3 Challenge Sports Nationals in July 2018.

For more information on the 3v3 Challenge Sports Nationals please click here!




U14 Competitive Girls

WYSA 3v3 Tournament Inquiries -

Christine events@winnipegyouthsoccer.com


Tournament Venue -

Assiniboine Park Soccer Fields

Winnipeg Youth Soccer Association | 523-167 Lombard Avenue | Winnipeg, MB R3B0V3 | Phone: 204-233-8899 | Fax: 204-233-9121 | Email: wysa@winnipegyouthsoccer.com

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